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Friday, January 5

After what it seemed like a month of non-stop eating in December I was actually craving eating my greens.  I’m one of those people who actually like salads so this week on Okanagan Oldies we talked about a few that I enjoy.

Cactus Club – I like quinoa.  I know many people don’t but I really enjoy quinoa in a salad.  The Quinoa Salad at Cactus Club fills this craving.  They fill the salad with fresh greens, arugula, cucumber, feta, raisins, capers, grape tomatoes, peppers and spicy pecans.  I’m not a big fan of raisins in my salads, so I substitute the raisins for avocado (which I LOVE).  This salad has a really nice sherry vinaigrette.  My best friend and I enjoyed one with a glass of wine and it felt like a decadent lunch.

Krafty Kitchen – I’m not vegan but I had heard about this Grilled Vegan Salad that I needed to try at Krafty Kitchen.  The idea of raw egg in Caesar dressing has always kind of thrown me off ordering Caesar salads, so the idea that this was vegan…thus no egg….got my attention.  This salad is delicious and I can’t go there without ordering it or I will suffer ‘order’ remorse.  Grilled romaine, smoked tofu dressing, soourdough croutons and fried nori.

Oak + Cru  – For this salad, you must top it with their Old Grandad Bourbon Glazed Salmon.  It’s a must.  This Winter Greens Salad is fresh and crisp with greens from Festers Organics in Oliver, tomatoes, radishes, compressed apples, green pumpkin seeds and a cherry dressing.  All perfect, but what takes it over the top is the bourbon glazed salmon.  Trust me!

Brown’s Social House – Sadly while I see many friends and family away now enjoying sun and sand, I’m here with snow and ice.  I’ve created my own vacation escape with the Tahitian Tuna Salad from Brown’s Social House.  First, you must sit on the heated patio near a heater or by the fire pit to give the illusion of being somewhere warm.  Do not look out the window at the snow banks just focus on the warm fire and the lemongrass crusted albacore tuna, wasabi mayo, and cilantro vinaigrette.  For now, this is as close to a vacation as I’m going to get.


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