Photography Work

Every since I picked up a camera in my late teens I fell in love with photography.  In my early 20s I was fortunate enough to work as a newspaper photographer for a daily newspaper which meant I was able to photograph such characters as Pierre Trudeau, the Queen and other dignitaries in the political, sports and entertainment fields.   My favourite shots though were always of “the common man” – people who worked 9-5 in the daily grind.  I always tried to let a single click of my shutter tell a story – when it happened “it was magic.”

Below is a small gallery of pictures – for more of my photo work you can go to the links below:

Food photography: https://spatula.pixieset.com/davidsfoodphotography/

Portrait photography: https://spatula.pixieset.com/davidsportraitphotography/

and Travel photography is at: https://spatula.pixieset.com/davidstravelphotography/